Donnerstag, 18. September 2014

Kuro Gyaru Make-up tutorial by Lau

Hello everybody ^^
This is Lau ^^

Here is my kuro gyaru make-up tutorial:
Starting with basic face foundation and contouring!

Eye make-up:
 Eyebrows and lips.
 Well, the most striking thing about this kind of gyaru make-up is that it's very heavy, flashy, bold.

That's why I call it "kuro gyaru". If you're tanned and wearing Tsuyome, kuro/96 Gal style then this kind of make-up is probably the best matching!

Heavy eye make-up and very noticeable contouring. (Which is not always the best choise for each style!)

I decided to wear a zebra coord ^^

Aferwards I went to the J-store and did some puris (alone...^^°)
But I wanted to see how the make-up looks on puris!

For those of you who like "pictorials" more than these detailed tutorials:
bye bye ~ chu <3

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