Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014

Lau's happy gyaru make-up tutorial

Hello everybody^^

This is Lau from Mojito^^ and today I wanna show you my new (eye)make-up tutorial!
I tried to explain the complete make-up but with focus on the eyes!

It's not a make-up for a special Gyaru style. It's based more on a cat's eye style than on a droopy shape!
It's not super heavy but it's not meant to be a natural look either.
Have a look yourself!

This is where I start: no make-up...
The first step. My basic make-up tools!

I just use a tiny little bit of face contouring! Blush is more important to me!!! ^^

2nd step: eye make-up tools.

I often use pink eye shadow because it's cute and not too far away from skin colour which doesn't make it too flashy!

I really recomment the glue that's included in each package of Dolly Wink lashes.

And I really recommend bottom lashes from Dolly Wink! They have super cute designs and are super durable! (I'm using this pair for already 10 months!!!)

last step: eyebrows and lips

That's it!

Well, I think you could go for every look you want with this make-up.
or glamorous...
...or rocking...
I decided for an oldschool amekaji look this time!

So here is a small recap of the eye make up:
I hope you like it or found it useful or at least interesting ^^
bye bye <3

Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

Gyaru Style Presentation ~ Part 1: Sweet Gyaru

To introduce the different styles and trends of Gyaru fashion we decided to do an ongoing report about it. For us it’s exciting to try out some new things, for you maybe it’s interesting to know all about the brands, clothes, make up and how to style. 
That's why we will have some shootings of styles we want to share with you.

 First we will start with one of the most popular Gyaru style called Sweet Gyaru also known as Roma(ntic) Gyaru. Beside the more conspicuous styles like Ganguro, Manba a.s.o around the end of the 90ies until middle of 2000's there were also some not tanned Gals (Ganjiro / Shiro Gyaru) who preferred some more casual but cute style. 

 So one of the most popular sweet brands Liz Lisa (founded 1990) started around 2004 to create collections in cute street styles with a lot floral pattern, lace, romantic dresses ect.
During that time there were also some extreme styled Gals who started to wear frilly and princess-like dresses. Maybe that was the beginning of Hime Gyaru. So that’s why the more casual, toned down look of Hime is also called Hime-Kaji, a cute style with retro feelings.

~Lau~ jacket: H&M - dress: Liz Lisa - bag:  Liz Lisa

The first generation Gals wanted to provoke with wild and sexy styling but during the time the sweet style evolved more and more ‘cause Japanese girls wanted to be special striking with an extreme cute style in the society and to impress the boys. The sweet fashion and brands are also often worn by non Gyaru’s ‘cause the cute and dainty look is also popular for middle and high school girls.

~Hani~ hat: H&M - blouse: Spinns - suspender skirt: Liz Lisa
Defining elements are hair style, nails, make up and lots of accessoires what makes a kawaii look to Sweet Gyaru. Current make-ups are very natural and also natural hair colors are trendy so it’s a balancing act between being Gyaru or not.

~Kiki~ dress: Liz Lisa - jacket: pimkie - bag: Liz Lisa

~Sweet Gyaru styling ~


high-waisted flared skirts, suspender-skirts, ruffles, lace -->but never too princessy or exaggerated frilly blouses with peter-pan-collars, cute dresses, high-waisted pleated pants, --> everything very short (often mini or super-mini), frilly socks that stick out of cute shoes or sandals, soft overknee boots overknee socks ...

~Lau~ jacket: Primark - dress: Tralala


light colors, pastels, antique/dusky pink, light pink, shades of brown, beige, white... lots of floral prints

~Hani~ sweater : Ank Rouge - skirt:  Liz Lisa


pearls and flowers pastel coloured and everything with cute design


soft curles or wavy hair, often with bangs in colors from caramel blonde to dark brown, sometimes light pink, braided hairstyles

~Kiki~ onepiece: Liz Lisa - cardigan: Liz Lisa

Skin and make up:

light skin, light make up, in past times heavy droopy eves but these days most often very natural eye makeup (feathery lashes, brown lashes, very natural or no lower lashes), rosy cheeks

~Lau~ straw hat: local marketplace - blouse: Tally Weijl - skirt: Liz Lisa


a lot of Retro-Styles! prints, hats, shoetypes, socks... --> but always in a cute yet innocent sexy way!!! current trend is pin-up style, marine look, sporty cute, prints with fruits (cherries, lemons...), a lot of denim, gingham check, flower head bands... and so on

~Hani~ hat: H&M - denim blouse: H&M - cardigan: New Yorker pants: H&M
~Kiki~ blouse: Liz Lisa - cardigan: Liz Lisa - shorts: Liz Lisa - bag: Liz Lisa

Typical brands:

Liz Lisa, Ank Rouge, Tralala (now with sub-brand Penderie)

sweet but more mature brands: IGNI, (Mitsumaru)Allamanda, Secret Honey, Adree

more casual brands: Titty & Co., TORTE

latest Sweet Gyaru Style (atm lots of pin-up, marine, fantasy, pastel, or more colorful style like Harajuku inspired Gyaru kei) Swankiss, One Spo, Miauler Mew, Min Plume, E hyphen world gallery BonBon ...

collage of shop staff wearing Sweet Gyaru

You can find a lot of sweet inspired clothes at local Fast Fashion stores like H&M, Tally Weijl, forever 21 if you look carefully for it!
Sure you have noticed that our outfits are also consisting of gyaru brands and offbrand clothes!

Famous persons wearing Sweet Gyaru:

There are many charisma gyaru models that were/are famous for their Sweet Gyaru style. Here are two of them you should know:

 1. ~ Rie Matsuoka (Okarie) ~ ex-Popteen model and now producer of sweet gyaru brand "Ank Rouge"

 2. ~ Tsubasa Matsuwaka ~ ex-Popteen model and now producer of cosmetic brand "Dolly Wink"


We hope you enjoyed the first part of our style theme and we would be glad you will visit our blog again.

The second part will follow soon!

Bye bye! ~Mojito Gyarusa~ with Kiki, Hani and Lau (f.l.t.r.) ...