Sonntag, 16. November 2014

Mojitos 1st official meet-up

It's time to show you many many photos of our very first official meet-up!!!
It took part the 2nd of November!

Kiki, Mao, Hani, Lau and GooF met in Berlin to go by train to Cottbus to meet Senja there.
Senja is the only member who is not living in Berlin.

...eeeh and GooF XD
Around midday we arrived in Cottbus.

We were all really hungry. But nearly all restaurants we liked were full up Q____Q
So we had to choose an Italian restaurant... not our first choise but it was nice and delicious there ^o^

Gross! Olives!...
In the restaurant we started some kind of "ugliest selfie marathon" XD
Here are the winners:
eeeehm... pure beauty...
full group photo in the restaurant's mirror
Afterwards we strolled a little bit through the town and searched for a nice photo location ^^
The new gyaru trend pose!!! Kiki you got it!!!
a little shopping
it's Autumn <3
We thought this bridge would be a nice photo location for some street snaps!
Here are some behind-the-scenes-photos XD
Btw. Mao is our behind-the-scenes-photographer and Lau takes the real outfit shots!

Here is our Mojito Street Groove: (for larger view of these look at our  facebook-page )

Time for a coffee ^o^
Again we had to search for a very long time for some free seats in a café... the inner city of Cottbus was so much crowded that day... -.-° (it was Sunday opening...)
Well, we took place in an American Style bar/café.

yummie~ Senjas and Laus milkshakes <3
Time for some prettier selfies XD

I'm sorry... we can't stop doing it -.-°
... as I said we can't.... XP
When it got dark outside we went into the "Cottbus 109" *lol*'s a small shopping center called "Blechen Caree" XD But hey~ small shopping center for a small town!

 Sometimes it's really hard to encourage the girls for photos.... -.-°
Aaaaand action gals !!!

Senja, Kiki and Goof have name chains~ cute <3
But after warming up it's always super funny taking photos XD
We sure had a lot of fun!

In the evening we had to leave Senja and go back to Berlin via train....

This day we decided to completely split off the bigger gyarusa UNIQUE (former GG-Glitter)!!!

We started as being part of this big gyarusa. We just wanted to be a sub-circle.

But more and more members left the big gyarusa UNIQUE because of us!
So nobody can complain anymore about our small group!
We're now a completely independend Gyaru Circle!

bye bye <3 <3 <3