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Gyaru Style Presentation ~ Part 2: Kuro Gyaru

Here's the second part of our style presentation and today we continue with another very popular gyaru style: Kuro Gyaru.

The term 'Kuro Gyaru' just describes that you're extremely tanned and wear gyaru style so it's not an independant fashion style.
With our shooting we just want to define the fashion what most of the kuro gals wear lately.

Because not everybody of us is tanned we have to expand the term from 
96Gal (Kuro Gyaru) to 46Gal (Shiro Gyaru) or Kuronba, Tsuyome or d.i.a.-gyaru. So, you see, you can call that style by a lot of synonyms ^^

~ Mao ~ top, belt and skirt: d.i.a.
The first gals appeared at the beginning / in the middle of the 90s on the streets of Shibuya. A lot of them prefered tanned skin. They wanted to revolt against the common ideal of beauty.
Blonde-streaked hair, tanned skin and strong make up left a lasting impression.

~ Hani ~ top: Tally Weijl, shorts: off brand
That was how they imagined the western / american ideals of beauty!
After a short time the style seperated into Shiro Gyaru (white skin) and Ganguro (dark tanned face).
Striking sexy clothing was absolutely necessary and different styles grew apart like Gonguro (tanned body, extremly bleached hair and strong panda make up), Manba (colorful hair and much more stronger panda make up).
But there were also less extreme styles of tanned Gals, for example Banba (lighter version of Manba) Kuronba, Tsuyome...

~ Lau ~ top: d.i.a. , belt: d.i.a., skirt: selfmade
With the success of some 'special' brands the Kuro style evolved into its current appearance.

~ Kuro Gyaru Styling ~ 


sexy tops (open back, open shoulder, many straps…), denim hotpants with gold/silver details, gold metal buttons, zipper, rings, chains, fur, fur legwarmers, overknee boots, high heels, wedge/platform sandals, cowboy hats, huge belts with chains and rhinestones

~ Tine ~ dress+collar set: d.i.a.

 animal prints (leopard, zebra), white, black, gold, neon colours

~ Kiki ~ romper: New Yorker, belt: d.i.a.


extreme long pointed nails with special designs, colorful, glitter, rhine stones or sometimes with character figures but lately also short and round but with elaborate design

~ Mao ~ dress: S.X.²C. (Sunshine City), belt: d.i.a.

super long, curled or straight (with extes), big hair (sujimori), hair accessories (flowers, feathers), blond, ash, grey, light brown or extremely colourful (two toned, dip dye… everything is possible)

~ Hani ~ dress: H&M

Skin and make up:

full body tanned, dark make-up, heavy eye make-up (flashy lashes, droopy eyes), orange blush, pink blush, beige/nude lips (nowadays even pink and red possible), a lot of contouring (nose stripe still very often), arched eyebrows most often

~ Lau ~ top: d.i.a., shorts: H&M, hoodie: H&M
Typical brands:

d.i.a., GarulaDiable Baiser, Galeo (by Black Diamond), Alba Rosa (very popular some time ago but changed style lately), Skinny Lip, Me Jane but also Ora Ora (Yanki Gyaru) brands like XIII Japan oder Mad Star  or Onee Gyaru brands like Rady, Gyda….

collage of different Kuro brands
If you have not the possibility to buy clothes in Japan or to order you can also find a lot of kuro inspired clothes at usual fast fashion stores like Tally Weijl, H&M or New Yorker.

~ Tine ~ top: d.i.a., shorts: Primark, belt: d.i.a.

~ Kiki ~ top: d.i.a., shorts: d.i.a., belt: d.i.a.

Role models / charisma gyarus wearing Kuro Gyaru:

Ex EGG models Yumachi and Yun

left: Yumachi right: Yun
Gal Unit Black Diamond members ( like Harutamu, Rise, Mayuchibi, Pomitan, Erimokkori, Demi a.s.o.)

Black Diamond, most famous kuro gyaru unit
more informations:

our member Lau prepared a great Kuro Gyaru make up tutorial

~ Lau ~ top: d.i.a., skirt: second hand
 If you have any questions, need tips or more informations, please feel free to ask.

~ Kiki ~ top: d.i.a., shorts: off brand, belt and legwarmers: d.i.a.
Special thanks:

~ Tine ~ dress and belt: d.i.a.
We would like to thank our special guest and good friend Tine. Tine was a member of the disbanded gyaru-sa UniQue (former GG Glitter).
She's a great model, a lovely person and we had a lot of fun with her that day. Hope to meet her very soon again!


We hope you enjoyed this part, too and we will continue with our style presentation. Which style would you like to see next?

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bye! Mojito Gyarusa with Lau, Mao, Kiki, Hani and special guest Tine (f.l.t.r.)