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4th international Gyaru Lovers Meet up

Hello lovelies <3
 a few weeks ago, on 24th of January, the huge International Gyaru Meet took place in Frankfurt and we, Mojito, decided, it would be awesome to participate all together :D

So we started booking our tickets, hotel and train/bus tickets some months ago and waited eagerly for the day x to come.

our tickets <3

On January 22nd Senja took the train to Berlin, since her and Goofs bus should be leaving early the day after. Unfortunately Goof had to stay in Berlin due to some sickness ;^; so we had to change some plans last minute.

Everything worked out just fine and the next morning Senja and Hani took the bus to Frankfurt.
a looong trip by bus xD
When they arrived, they put on some make up and joined some parts of the pre-event...
...like shopping at Primark...
....and having some food and weird Mojitos 
They also met a really cute couple:

While Senja and Hani had some fun in Frankfurt, the rest of the group went by train.

playing 'who-am-I'

having some good food 
As you can see we all enjoyed our day

f.l.t.r. Hani, Senja, Kiki, Mao, Svea; Lau is taking the photo

Around 11 pm we all finally gathered in our hotel, where we had one last drink together and went straight to bed afterwards.

Day X (aka meet up time)

We got up awefully early the next day to get ready, but before that, we had a good breakfast :D
Svea and Kiki (censored haha)
Hani and Senja
Mao and Lau
After that we started to get ready...

Hani helping Mao
...and left the hotel about 3 hours later.

Everyone met at the main station. When we arrived there, already a few gals were waiting, also some of our Berlin gals and Kukki :)

Kukki and Senja
f.l.t.r. Kukki, Hani, Tine, Mao
some of the gals there
After everyone got their ticket for the local train, we all moved on to the venue for the event. There were so many of us walking to the tram, everyone around us stopped what they were doing and kept looking at us. I mean we were at least 90 gals o.o

Svea and Lau

At the venue we all gathered for a group picture

Picture from the official event photographer David Kaiser
After some shots, we all went inside and searched for a place to sit. When we all were inside, there was barely any place left °o°
our table in front of the stage

the whole room
The event started with an introduction of everyone there. There were groups for every country and then every part of Germany :D

Japan and UK
Spain and Luxembourg
Sweden and the Netherlands

And all the German gals :D

After that we came to the next event, which was the Gyaru Lovers Awards. Since we now had seen everyone and got at least to hear their names once, we had to decide who in our opinion was the best in every category.

The categories were: make up, coordinate, hair, coord and hair for gyaruos, Agejo, Hime, Tsuyome/Kuro gyaru, Rokku, Roma/Sweet gyaru, kindest gyaru, most original look, Mrs. and Mr. Gyaru/o.

It took us all a lot of time to fill out the form, but in the end everyone did it :D

Then we had some free time, which means we got to take some pictures :)

Hani and Svea
Tine and Lau
Kiki and Senja
Mao and Lau
Kiki and Hani
Senja and Lau
Kiki and Hani watching something on stage
Hani with the exclusive Gyaru Lovers fan
Lau with the exclusive Gyaru Lovers fan
Mao with the exclusive Gyaru Lovers fan

and the prettiest ones:

Tine and Senja

Thanan and Senja

After some time the next program point started, a little fashion bring-and-buy with a fashion show, and after that...the para para show. Hani decided one week earlier to participate with another girl and they also invited Kukki to their group to dance with them. We don't have any pictures of the show, but a girl uploaded a video on youtube:
It was a lot of fun to watch :D
Then we had a little raffle with some cute small things: lenses, Gal VIP magazines and coupons for Gorgeous Barbie, as well as 3 brand items as the main prizes.
Mao was that lucky to win a d.i.a top
looking fantastic
After another short time we came up to the last point. The awards :)
Sadly non of us won a category, but everyone was just amazing and it was great to watch. One gal from Germany even won in 4 (!!!) categories, but she truly looked amazing.
We were dismissed and had 2 hours of free time before meeting again. So we went back to our hotel to take some outfit shots and get changed ^^
Mao and Hani enjoying the break

After the two hours were over, we went to the main station again, grabbed some food at Mc Donald's (as well as everyone else, it seemed, haha) and went to our next stop together - a karaoke bar. We got in there a little bit early and had to wait for a free room.
of course we had to drink Mojitos
our room, it was a lot of fun
Mao and Lau singing 'Let it go' from Frozen xD
We were in there for 2 hours and we all enjoyed our time there with singing, drinking  and some were even dancing. We didn't notice how fast the time flew by before we had to leave once again.
We went back to our hotel again, where Lau and Svea prepareted for the party while the rest decided to stay behind.
Lau and Kukki partying 
It really was an awesome time with all of those lovely people around. We had a lot of fun and hope for another meet next year. Big thanks to everyone planning and organizing such a huge event, keep it on.
Thanks for reading and if you still haven't got enough of us, check out our Vine ;)

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